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How to use the VMware Aria Operations and a Text Display Widget to launch VMRC

VMware Aria Operations

I recently had the opportunity to work together on a Blog Post, Launch VMRC from Aria Operations, with Brock Peterson.

During my time as a VMware customer, I had the opportunity to connect with Brock through my account executive, Steve Lieberson. Whenever I sought an in-depth understanding of Aria Operations, Steve would arrange a session with Brock. These interactions left me aspiring for a similar position at VMware. My contributions to VMware included participating in customer reference calls, where I eagerly shared my expertise in the Aria Suite with Healthcare Organizations, aiding them in embarking on their journey in Automation, Monitoring, or Logging. Eventually, I secured a role at VMware, allowing me to collaborate daily with Brock and the incredible VMware Cloud Foundation Specialists team, focusing on Automation, Monitoring, and Logging. The camaraderie and collective expertise of this team is truly remarkable. Working within a team that boasts a variety of role models is an great experience.

The blog post begins with an intriguing scenario where Brock, responding to a customer’s query about launching the VMRC client to display a VM’s console within Aria Operations (a functionality not native to the product), highlighted the collaborative spirit of the team. Having previously created a similar dashboard as a customer, I offered to replicate it in my lab area for Brock, emphasizing the team’s culture of sharing existing solutions and code. Brock liked what I created in my lab and suggested that we share this knowledge with the vCommunity by creating a Blog, recognizing the potential interest from other customers in implementing such a solution. This shows the team’s commitment to collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Please explore the blog post to witness the exceptional outcomes a great team can achieve. Enjoy!

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