vRealize Operations 8.x - New Features

The New Features I use the most.

  1. Donut Charts.
    • This is one of my favorite new features.
    • The donut chart allows you to show a lot of information in a smaller space and makes the Dashboards look more modern and clean looking.
    • I have been replacing the Heat Map Widgets on some of my custom Dashboards with Donut Charts.
    • If you click on the colors of the Donut charts you will then get a list of the data that makes up that color.
  2. Top-N Chart and Color Method.
    • Adding color to the Top-N makes it so much more usable. With the previous version where is was just blue it didn’t grab your eye like adding the color.
    • Using the Top-N chart and the Donut chart together makes a GREAT looking Dashboard. See my example below.
  3. Ping Monitoring.
    • This feature always us to monitor non VMware devices. In a short period of time I learned a lot about latency and packet drops in our environment.
  4. Troubleshooting Workbench.
    • In previous versions of vROPS I would create Dashboards to help with trouble shooting.
    • With Trouble Shooting work bench I don’t need to create those custom Dashboards anymore.
    • The included Trouble Shooting workbench is like what I did on steroids.
Donut Chart and Top-N Example:
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This single Dashboard has a lot of info that would has taken several Dashboards to show same amount of data using Heat Maps. This would be a good example of a Dashboard that managers may want to see.

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Donut Chart Config:
  • Create a Distribution View.
  • Make the visualization a Donut Chart.
  • Use Manual distribution.
  • Create Buckets and set the values/colors for the Buckets.
  • Add the View to a Dashboard.
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Top-N Chart Config:
  • Add Top-N Widget to Dashboard
  • Define configuration and Input Transformation.
  • Output Data:Color Method:Custom is where you define the color values.
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