The VMware Community Podcast | I was a Guest on the show

The VMware Community Podcast, episode #659 | I was a Guest on the show

Podcast Guest:

I listen to Podcasts all the time. If the Podcast covers VMware Products, you will find it in my playlist and I will listen to all the episodes. The VMware Communities Podcast has been on my playlist for many years. I was able to meet a regular co-host on the podcast, Matt Langguth, while attending the Central PA VMUG events and “Little Hacks” hosted by a business in the Altoona, PA Area. Matt and I attended a VMware event together in July, in the Pittsburgh, PA area. When I told Matt what was I was going to be involved with at VMware Explore 2023, he thought it would make a good podcast episode to share with the vCommunity. I said that I would be happy to join the VMware Communities Podcast and discuss how I was a Hackathon Team Captain and talk about the presentation that I did in the VMware {code} Theater.

Matt was also the person that introduced me to the VMware vExpert program. With his encouragement at a “Little Hack”, I applied and have been a part of the vExpert program since 2020. The vCommunity has been a great experience for me to meet friends and also advance my career.

Hopefully the vCommunity enjoys this episode. I thought this would be another great way to give back to the community and share some information.

Episode Info:

The episode I recorded with “VMware Community Podcast #659” was released on 09/06/2023.

Hosts and Show on Socials:
Podcast Discussion:
  • How did I get started with vCommunity
  • My career path
  • The VMUG vCommunity and other User Groups
  • The 2023 VMware Explore Hackathon
  • My Presentation at VMware Explore 2023 in the {code} Theater

Enjoy the listen!

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