The PowerShell Podcast | I was a Guest on the show

The PowerShell Podcast | I was a Guest on the show

Podcast Guest:

I listen to Podcasts all the time. This past year, I started listening to a new podcast, “The PowerShell Podcast”. This podcast has become one of my favorites that I listen to every week. The hosts (Andrew Pla and Jordan Hammond) are funny, the content interests me a lot, and the list of guests has been awesome. The guests are people that I have read their books or use their PowerShell Modules to complete automation.

I thought it would be fun to join the podcast as a guest, to share how I use PowerShell with VMware products. VMware has a PowerShell Module, PowerCLI, that I use with almost all automation that I create. With VMware Aria Automation, you can use PowerShell with Workflows, Actions, and have salt execute PowerShell scripts with state files and functions. So I reached out to the hosts of “The PowerShell Podcast” and showed my interest to be a guest on the Podcast. They thought that my story would make a good episode, so we scheduled a time to record. The experience to record the podcast episode was great. The behind the scenes was funny. The guests talk to each other the same way they do when when recording an episode. They make you feel comfortable as a guest.

Hopefully the vCommunity enjoys this episode. I thought this would be another great way to give back to the community and share some information.

The episode I recorded with “The PowerShell Podcast” was released on 03/20/2023. Here are the links:

Podcast Discussion:
  • How did I get started with PowerShell
  • My career path, CNC Programmer to a VMware TAM
  • The VMUG vCommunity and other User Groups
  • My favorite PowerShell Module, PowerCLI
  • Other PowerShell Modules I like to use.
Hosts and Show on Twitter:

Enjoy the listen!

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