> Get-Review 2021 2021 was a good year for me with my career. I spent the entire year working from home and I find myself to be more productive when WFH. My wife and I moved into a different home and I now have a dedicated office area on the 2nd floor away from anyone else. I still share my office with Belle (Rescue Dog adopted in 2020 before covid) everyday and she loves the fenced in back yard that she can run around in without a leash.

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vExpert Cloud Management I am very proud to be part of the VMware vExpert subprogram “Cloud Management”. This is the first year that I was accepted into the subprogram. Almost all my blog posts and talks that I give are about one of the vRealize Products. The (2) Products that I use the most are vRealize Automation and Operations but I will be writing about more of the other Products.

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vExpert 2021

vExpert 2020, 2021 VMware vExpert 2020,2021 I am very proud to be part of the VMware vExpert program. This is the second year that I was accepted into the program. One part of the vExpert program that I think is great is that this recognizes people for sharing their knowledge and “Giving Back”. I have crossed paths with people throughout my career that didn’t like sharing what they know.

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Lead Systems Engineer, SME, vExpert 2020, 2021, vExpert Cloud Management 2021 If you can script it, You can Automate it… VMware vExpert 2020/21 2021 Email: Dale.Hassinger@vCrocs.info Location: Dillsburg, PA My current focus is Enterprise Automation, Monitoring and Logging. I am using VMware vRealize Automation and SaltStack Config to complete server builds, software installs, schedule VM snap shots, Microsoft 365 automation, Citrix Management, Automate Data Center Flips, Server Decommissions, and many other Day 2 processes… For monitoring I use vRealize Operations for the “Single Pane of Glass” experience.

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