End of Year Review - 2023

End Of Year Review 2023

The year 2023 was a good chapter in my career, emphasizing the importance of community contribution. I hold a belief that my endeavors are worthwhile if they benefit even one person. This past year, I engaged in numerous presentations and blog posts, focusing on giving back to the vCommunity. My efforts in sharing knowledge and resources have, I believe, positively impacted others, making 2023 a year of success and meaningful community engagement.

Highlights of 2023
  • Started a VMware Aria Suite Solution Architect Role. I get to work with some people that have been role models to me. The culture within this Team is the best that I have ever experienced.
  • vExpert 2023 | Member since 2020
  • vExpert 2023 | vExpert Cloud Management
  • VMware Explore 2023 Hackathon: I was the Hackathon Team Lead and we finished 2nd place.
  • VMware Explore 2023 session (Presentation): Use VMware Aria to Create/Manage/Monitor Windows Servers (on-prem/cloud) [CODE2501LV]
  • The VMware Community Podcast | I was a Guest on the show.
  • The PowerShell Podcast | I was a Guest on the show
  • Philly VMUG Presentation | VMware Aria Automation and Operations

My Top 20 Blog Posts of 2023
Rank Blog Topic Views
01 vCROCS - Home Page 3061
02 VMware Aria Automation and Ansible Integration 1227
03 Unlocking the Potential - VMware Aria Operations - Automation Central - Snapshot Age 713
04 VMware Aria Automation - Working with Windows Server Drives 660
05 Unlocking the Potential - VMware Aria Automation Config API 574
06 How vRealize Operations can help with Right Sizing VMs 509
07 VMware Aria Automation and SaltStack Config Resource 380
08 VMware Aria Operations - RVTools Dashboard 331
09 How to use PowerShell Modules with vRA 8.2 305
10 Unlocking the Potential - VMware Aria Operations - Metric Search 291
11 Unlocking the Potential - VMware Aria Operations - October 2023 PowerBlock 290
12 VMware Aria Operations - Servicenow - Management Pack 265
13 Schedule RVTools Data Export 250
14 Rest API calls in VMware Aria Automation with PowerShell 228
15 VMware Explore 2023 - Presentation 208
16 Unlocking the Potential - VMware Aria Automation - ABX Action Constants and Secrets 166
17 Unlocking the Potential - VMware Aria Automation - Custom Form Versioning 156
18 VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS) - ESXi Host syslog setting 146
19 Unlocking the Potential - VMware Aria Operations - Automation Central - VM Snaps 131
20 VMware Explore 2023 - Hackathon 125

The top 20 list reveals a significant interest in utilizing Automation and Operations. The fact that Ansible’s integration with VMware Aria Automation ranked #1 was unexpected, evidenced by the frequent views of this particular blog post. This observation has inspired me to dedicate more of my blogging efforts to VMware Aria Automation Ansible integration in the upcoming year.

*Stats from Google Analytics.

Set-Goals 2024
  • Give back more to the vCommunity.
  • Be a good mentor.
  • Get a session approved for VMware Explore 2024.
  • Do more VMware Aria Presentations | PowerBlocks | Videos | etc…
  • Create more Blog Posts.
  • Never Stop Learning…

Thanks for visiting in 2023!

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