If you have vRealize Log Insight installed in your environment you need to setup at least one alert that works awesome. When an ESXi Host has an PSOD event, it is difficult in vCenter to see all the HA events of all the VMs that restarted. The events are on the hosts were the VM restarted not the host that had the PSOD. If you have a cluster with a lot of hosts it can take some time to find all the events.

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If you need to set the ESXi Host Advanced System Setting Syslog.global.logHost on every ESXI Host in your environment here is some sample PowerCLI code to set the values. Connect to all your vCenters. Get all your hosts. Set the value and then it will reload the syslog service. The second PowerCLI code example is to get the ESXi Host Advanced System Setting Syslog.global.logHost value on every ESXI Host in your environment.

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When working in a Zero Trust Environment and programs are not working the way they should it is nice to have some Tools available to do troubleshooting. When new applications are installed and not working you can be asking yourself is it my issue with the application or is the firewall blocking ports. I recently had a support call with VMware and they showed me two commands that work awesome to test to see if ports are open to a destination IP on a specific port.

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