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VMware vRealize SaltStack Config cheat sheet for a Windows Server Admin

Salt functions that I find myself using the most. I have been using VMware vRealize SaltStack Config for several months and I thought I would share and create my own cheat sheet to show which functions I use the most as a Windows Server admin and how to format the syntax.

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vExpert 2022 | vExpert Cloud Management

VMware vExpert 2020 - 2022 | VMware vExpert Cloud Management 2021 - 2022 I am very proud to be part of the VMware vExpert program.

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VMware vRealize SaltStack Config as a Windows Server Admin - Part 8

Part 8: Pouring the salt grains My previous posts about grain data were to show how to add minion grain data during the creation of a new server with vRA using PowerShell.

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