I will be doing a VMworld presentation for the first time at VMworld 2021. I have attended VMworld since 2012 and it has been a goal of mine to do a presentation at a VMworld since the first year I attended. There are always so many good sessions to attend. We are putting many hours into this presentation so that the people attending feel it was worth their time and learn a lot about the topic. We have a awesome topic and some great presentations to show.

So register today for VMworld 2021 and attend my session.

Session Name:
Manage Windows Workloads Through vRealize Automation SaltStack Config [MCL1895]

This session will include an overview of vRealize SaltStack Config and see how a customer in the healthcare vertical is managing their fleet of Windows systems using vRealize Automation SaltStack Config (SSC).

Vincent Riccio, TMM, VMware
Dale Hassinger, Lead Systems Engineer - SME

Topic: Manage & Operate Multiple Clouds
Track : Multi-Cloud
Primary Product: VMware vRealize Automation / vRealize Automation Cloud
Primary Audience: Infrastructure Engineer
Session Type: Breakout Session
Level: Technical 200
Pass Type: General and Tech+ Passes
VMworld online conference: 10/05/2021-10/07/2021

Link to session in VMworld Content Catalog:

Manage Windows Workloads Through vRealize Automation SaltStack Config [MCL1895]

In our Presentation we wil show how to use SaltStack Config to manage Microsoft Windows Servers. How to use Salt to install software, work with Windows Services, make Registry changes, configuration management, and other normal day to day Windows Server administration.