I am always looking at the Hugo Themes to see if there are any new Themes that I liked more than I was currently using. I started looking at the Tranquilpeak Theme and really like how it looked and worked.

Tranquilpeak Hugo Theme

So I changed my Blog site to the new theme. This Theme works well with all the screen sizes and devices. I also like how the Theme automatically shows the order that the “Posts” and all the “TAGs” that I assign to each article. I like the feature to add a image with each blog post. Makes the Blog site look more professional.

I really like how Hugo works for a Blog Web Site. So fast and easy to use. Store your files in a Github repository and share as a web site at no cost. I highly recommend using Hugo to anyone looking to create a Blog Web Site.

If anyone likes how I used the Tranquilpeak theme and would like my format/folder structure let me know. I would be happy to share.

Thanks for visiting!