If you have vRealize Log Insight installed in your environment you need to setup at least one alert that works awesome. When an ESXi Host has an PSOD event, it is difficult in vCenter to see all the HA events of all the VMs that restarted. The events are on the hosts were the VM restarted not the host that had the PSOD. If you have a cluster with a lot of hosts it can take some time to find all the events. In Log Insight it is very easy to get alerted of the event and receive an single email that lists all the VMs that restarted. You can then provide your applications Teams with a list of VMs that should be reviewed. There are many different alerts that can be setup in Log Insight but this is always the first one that I make sure is done. This single alert makes it worth the time to install/setup Log Insight.

The Log Insight query is (text contains “vsphere ha restarted virtual machine”). See first screen shot.

The second screen shot shows how to setup the alert.

Log Insight Query:

Alert Setup screen:

Hopefully your Hosts never have an PSOD event and you will never need to use this alert. But if they do, you will know which VMs were restarted by HA. Enjoy!