Lead Systems Engineer, SME, vExpert 2020, 2021, vExpert Cloud Management 2021
If you can script it, You can Automate it…
VMware vExpert 2020/21 2021

Email: Dale.Hassinger@vCrocs.info
Location: Dillsburg, PA

My current focus is Enterprise Automation, Monitoring and Logging. I am using VMware vRealize Automation to complete server builds, software installs, schedule VM snap shots, Microsoft 365 automation, Citrix Management, Automate Data Center Flips, Server Decommissions, and many other Day 2 processes… For monitoring I use vRealize Operations for the “Single Pane of Glass” experience. I also use vRealize Log Insight for logging and LCM (Life Cycle Manager) for installing all the vRealize Products.

Almost all the code I write to complete the Automation that I create is done with PowerShell. The reason I choose to use PowerShell is because to do Automation with VMware products they have released their product PowerCLI, which is built on top of PowerShell. There hasn’t been anything that I wanted to Automate that I haven’t been able to do with PowerShell. To do remote Citrix management also works very well using PowerShell.

Sharing content for the following Products:

I have learned a lot from the vCommunity, Powershell and PowerCLI web sites. I want to use this blog as a way for me to give back. If one person finds anything I post helpful, I will consider my efforts successful.

The code that I have shared I use with vRealize Automation Cloud Templates/Catalog Items and everyday VMware Admin functions. Everyday I learn something new. If I think it should be shared I will write a blog about it. Check back often to see what I am doing next.

I like to wear Crocs and I like VMware Products. So what better name than “vCrocs”…

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